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Rewind the Musical

Book and Lyrics by Guy A. Sims

What happens when a wack rapper of today meets a team of wack scientists and gets sent back in time to meet a group of wack rappers? How would rap be affected? Would it change…for the better? The worse? Or will the beat just go on?  Rewind is an all-rap musical comedy that looks at rap, its culture, and the importance of “Keeping It Real”. Rapper Base has failed time and time again in getting into the rap game and his last attempt launches him through time to the year 1982 where he meets the We Rock Three Crew. After realizing he has truly gone back in time, he realized that with the knowledge he has, he can transform these misfits on the mic into the hardest hip-hop group the world has ever seen. What Base doesn’t realize is that carrying the knowledge over time has some disastrous results.

Rewind is an all-rap musical that tells the story of the wannabe rapper, Base. While his heart is in the right place, his wack rhymes and flow make him a disgrace. In one last effort to build a rap career, Base tries out at a local competition, but his style and bumbling make him the target of the gangster rapper, Killer Cam. After evading Killer Cam’s associates, Base finds himself in the lab of wannabe scientists Drs. Nairy and May. After showing him their failed experiments, they show Base their latest invention, the Transitionalizing Interchronologistic Matter Energizer, Time Machine and transport Base to 1982 where he meets the We Rock Three, a group of wack rappers who are trying to break into the rap business. Base realizes that with the knowledge he has about the future of rap, he can make them stars…or can he?

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